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Infigroup y El alquimista I

Con este empiezo una serie de posts, con más o menos continuidad, en los que hablaré de lo que el título indica, de mi vida en Infigroup, la empresa donde trabajo y El alquimista libro el cual quiero hablar un poco estos dias en estos posts.

Si quereis saber con más detalle a que me dedico en este nuevo periodo de mi vida entrad en http://www.infigroup.es



Mi foto

- I was born August 16th of 1980, in Barcelona. After getting my Specialty Diploma in Primary School and Music teacher (2003), I have been leaving 10 years in Berlin, Germany, searching for new challenges (2003-12). I have had soon the necessity of learning new abstract and complex concepts: I had achieved 2 semesters of Psychology (2004), as well as 3 semesters of Linguistics (2005). Some years later, I realized that IT technologies are my passion, so I decided to transform this hobby into my profession. I decided to study IT Engineering (2009-12). I chose the specialization on Project Management, based on my affinity with concepts as Entrepreneur and the development of new ideas. Since some years working to understand deeply internet and its relation with social networking, e-commerce and SERPS.


SEO, SEM and Online Marketing


Specialties: E-Commerce, Prestashop, SEO, SEM, HTML5, CSS3, Adwords